A few words about Autumn's Stables

Autumn's Stables (EdA for Écurie d'Automne in french) was owned and managed by Jessica Lauzon and Maxime Auclair, two young and dynamic breeders who live in the Northern part of the beautiful Laurentians (Province of Quebec, Canada). Their breeding operation was nested since 2006 on a small private farm, that they have built by themselves, with lots of love and patience. EdA offered one to three foals each year, sired by some of the best german stallions, and out of carefully selected broodmares. Since its beginning, and until the end, EdA has gained and held a solid reputation of quality and integrity in the community. EdA has excellent references, from clients throughout North America and its commitment was to produce young horses perfectly suited mainly for the english discipline of Dressage, but also once in a while, for Hunter, Jumper and Eventing. EdA aimed to produce solid horse citizens, with above average gaits, conformation, aptitudes for the sport and over all, blessed with great temperament and rideability.

Breeding goals

Autumn's Stables (EdA), was first and foremost a breeding farm of German Hanoverian and German Oldenburg sport horses. In our beginning, we have also done business with the ISR Oldenburg NA and the American Holsteiner Horse Association. But since 2010 and up to our retirement, we registered our foals exclusively with one or the other of the two main German registries: the Hanoverian Verband or the Oldenburg Verband. So we were able to offer you the best, without any compromise. Of course, if one of our clients wished to register the foal he just bought with another registry, we were doing our best to fulfill his request. Our decision to register exclusively with the Oldenburg Verband and the Hanoverian Verband has been made because of the strict approval criterias and registration rules they enforce, as well as the high standards they represent. If we want to use bloodlines from Germany, we must have our mares inspected by German registries with German criterias and ways of scoring, and use stallions that have been approved by their strict rules and criterias of quality. Only then, we can pretend to offer you the same quality that you would find overseas.

The last four years confirmed the excellent reputation of Autumn's Stables (EdA), with the sale of all our foals either in utero, or before they were weaned, some of them being custom foals. We are thankful to our clients for their trust, and we wish them all the joy in the world with their EdA baby.

Fibonacci by Fidertanz x SPS Destemona by De Niro. Bred by EdA and  Patricia Mallet.

Autumn's Stables philosophy

Autumn's Stables (EdA) was not only a breeding farm. It was a way of thinking. At Autumn's Stables, the broodmares lived an easy life, in small groups. They were taken care daily, had their own blankets collection adapted to the weather and they benefited from strict vaccine, deworming and farrier schedules. They were monitored with a closed-circuit camera system when camed the time of foaling. Boxstalls were large, rubber matted for comfort, bedded with straws or shavings - cleaned at least two times a day when the mares were in - and equipped with fans for the warmer summer days. Our broodmares were taken in for the day in summer, and for the night in winter. Paddocks were well taken care of and fences were solid and safe, just as shelters. Foals were regularly handled, in a kind but professionnal way, inspired by ethological principes when needed. They were leaving our farm with a solid basic education, in order for them to become well mannered athletes. Deworming was done monthly until they were one year old, and feets were trimmed each 4 to 6 weeks. Registered the year they were born, they all came with DNA parentage verification and branding or microchipping, depending on the registry.

We never sold a foal or a horse to a client without believing that said foal or horse would fit his expectations and needs. We will always welcome back a foal (even if he is grown up) that was born at our farm, who would be in need of a home. We'll always help owners of foals born at our farm in the rehoming or sale of their horse, if they have to part with him. We've always depict the strenghts and the weaknesses of our broodmares, and gave our fair advice about the sportive potential of our homebreds. Our goal being that each foal we sold be the dream-came-true of their owner.

Our website - Overview

Autumn's Stables (EdA) website is the constant work-in-progress of Jessica, who self-taughed (with the priceless help of Katy!!) the basic of how-to put up together a website. The result is a charming, easy to surf website, who gives you updated and abundant informations about our mares, foals and services. The website is frequently refreshed with new pictures and informations, as often as several times a month. Once in a while, Jessica will take over the conception of other breeders and small businesses websites. If you like what you see here, contact us, maybe we'll be able to help you have a window on the web!

Jessica & Maxime, proud breeders from Quebec, since 2005. Enjoy your visit!

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Jessica, co-owner of Autumn's Stables (EdA), is member of the Breeding Board of the Quebec Equestrian Federation since 2011, and assumed its presidence between October 2013 and October 2014. She is a "Quebec Equestrian Federation recognized breeder" wich means that she sticks to a strict ethical code, by the way she takes care of her broodmares and foals, the ethics she respects in her breeding choices and the good customer service she provides. Jessica is an active member of the Hanoverian Verband, the Canadian Hanoverian Society and the Oldenburg Horse Breeders’Society (GOV). Between 2008 and 2014, her and her husband Maxime hosted or co-hosted the annual inspection of the Oldenburg Horse Breeders’Society (GOV) held in the Province of Quebec, where around twenty mares and foals gathered together for mare breeding approval and foal registration each year.