Donna Magica * Dormello x Mandara / Manstein * 2001-2016

Registered with the German Oldenburg Verband
16.1 hands | Chestnut | Born in 2001 | Imported from Germany
Approved for breeding with the German Hanoverian Verband and the German Oldenburg Verband

Arrived in October of 2012 at EdA's, Donna Magica quicky and softly became a member of our family. Correctly built, in a compact yet solid frame, her topline and neck set was good and strong, she was free in her shoulder and her three gaits were correct, with good knee action and strong push from behind. Her canter was particularly good and she passed it to her two foals. Donna was free of vice, she was a polite, respectful and friendly mare, who loved to get lots of attention and who was always eager to please.

Before being imported, Donna Magica actively competed in dressage in young horses classes. At her mare inspection in Vechta (Germany), she was accepted and entered into the Main Mare Book of the Oldenburg Verband with scores of 8 for her type and her frame, with an overall of 7.2. In September of 2013, Donna Magica was presented to the German Hanoverian Verband for entry in the Hauptstutbuch. She was accepted with scores of 8 for her head and correctness of her gaits.

Donna Magica made the trip to Canada from Germany in foal to the Dutch warmblood stallion Johnson. This colt, named Janosh and bred by Lidwin Verdier, got his Premium award at his German Oldenburg (GOV-OHBS) foal inspection. Donna Magica went back to training after the weaning of Janosh but an injury came to put an end to her sport career, before she was able to hit Canadian Dressage shows.

Donna Magica had to be euthanasied on May 3rd, 2016, after a night of hard efforts and work to try to save her foal (victim of a very bad and unreal dystocia) and then her, with no success. Her lost, while we were still mourning Serenti's tragic death, will stay forever in our mind, like a painful wound that will never heal.

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Donna Magica's photo album

Donna Magica by Dormello. Oldenburg Verband mare, imported from Germany. Donna Magica by Dormello. Oldenburg Verband mare, imported from Germany. Donna Magica by Dormello. Oldenburg Verband mare, imported from Germany. Donna Magica by Dormello. Oldenburg Verband mare, imported from Germany. Donna Magica by Dormello. Oldenburg Verband mare, imported from Germany. Janosh, first foal out of Donna Magica by Dormello.

Donna Magica's pedigree & bloodlines

Dormello Dream of Heidelberg Donnerschlag Donnerhall
Zoliante Heidelberg
Freie Liebe Freiherr Furioso II
St.Pr./El. H Liebeslied Louvre
Mandara Manstein Matrose Marcio xx
Heike Hessenstein/T.
Windfee Waldsee Waldschuetz
St.Pr.St. H Besinda II
Arabeska Badajoz

Dormello (infos coming soon)

Donna Magica's mareline and siblings: (infos coming soon)

Donna Magica's foals

Florello EdA by Floriscount - 2014

German Hanoverian Verband colt, bred by les EdA (Autumn's Stables).
Florello was sold in utero to Chloe Malaxos, Qc. Canada!
More info about Florello EdA...

Janosh by Johnson - 2008

Premium German Oldenburg colt.
Bred by Mrs Lidwin Verdier, Qc. Canada.

Janosh has 3 expressive gaits. He shows an amazing talent to sit and carry in the trot while maintaining rhythm and swing. His canter is big and uphill, with lots of freedom in the shoulder. He shows tremendous rideability. His sire, Johnson, has produced an amazing string of youngsters such as Bretton Woods or Jack Sparrow. His dam sire, Dormello, has also produced a lot of top youngsters. His most renowned offpring is Isabell Werth's Der Stern and the Oldenburg licensed colt Don Bon Jovi, which is young horse champion in New Zealand. Janosh is bred with top bloodlines to perform at the international level. In 2008 Janosh was awarded the premium foal status at the Oldenburg inspection. In 2011 and 2012, he successfully competed in shows with scores between 68% et 83%.
In 2014, he changed hands and made his debuts under the saddle of his new owner, Canadian FEI rider Mathilde Blais Tétreault.

Janosh, winter 2015 with Mathilde Blais Tétreault.