Welcome to EdA * Autumn's Stables, Breeders of German Hanoverian and Oldenburg horses.

What a great adventure it has been! From 2006 to 2016, we have bred, foaled and raised around 20 foals of the utmost quality, before retiring after a desatrous foaling season. Our broodmare band was constituted of high quality mares, some imported from Germany, and - in the last years - all approved for breeding with the Hanoverian Verband and/or the Oldenburg Verband. They were all free of vice or bad habit, and all good mothers, passing to their offspring their good character and temperament.

We won't have anymore horses or foals for sale, but we are happy to share with you our references about the best Hanoverian and German Oldenburg breeders around North America.

Visit us on facebook to be informed of our latest news and to catch some candid moments of our day-to-day life at EdA. Oh! And don't forget to Like our farm! Many pages of the website are still unavailable in the english version, but we are working on getting 100% of the site done somewhere soon. We thank you for your comprehension, and if you have any question, feel very welcome to contact us.

Tragic 2016 season:

It is with the utmost pain and sadness that Maxime and I have to announce that Serenti's foal died in the night of Tuesday to Wednesday (April 26 to 27, 2016), from a severe dystocia that we were not able to correct in time. To add to our burden, the next day, in the afternoon, Serenti had to be humanely euthanasied, due to complications from the dystocia, despite all our efforts and all the work of the two vets who came one after the other and tried for hours to save her. With our hearts broken in thousand of pieces, and painful tears in our eyes, Serenti was buried at the farm with her foal that didn't had the chance to see the world.

Then, in a surrealist and with an indescriptible pain, Maxime and I said goodbye to Donna Magica and her foal on the morning of May 3rd 2016. A second dystocia, that is hard to explain simply, left us helpless in front of the cruelty of a breeder's reality, the nature's hearthless face and deeply wounded. In front of last few days tragedies, Destemona and Apostrophe were transported to the equine hospital in St.Hyacinthe, so they can foal under high medical supervision.

Thanks to Katy and Andrée for your support, to M. Charbonneau, Mélissa and Martin for your help with the transportation and your empathy. Thanks to Mathilde and Gabrielle as well, for your comprehension in the situation. So many years of hard work just gone in such a short time. The end of a dream.

Donna Magica par Dormello. Serenti

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May 16, 2018